C3878X30 Lineset 3/8" 7/8" x 30' ft

Item#: C3878X30

Brand: Hvac Accessories

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Product Details
COPPER REFRIGERANT LINE SET The refrigerant line set consists of two semi-flexible soft copper tubing pipes to interconnect the outdoor condensing unit or heat pump with the indoor air handler or cased coil. One, the smaller in diameter is the liquid line. For most of the larger one is called the suction line. This set includes the insulation foam necessary to insulate the suction line. Most of the systems the liquid is the 3/8 and the gas line can be either , or 7/8, or 1-1/8, depending on the capacity of the condensing unit or the heat pump unit. All of our line set are packed to be delivered to your site. To choose the right line set for your installation, please make sure that the distance between the indoor and outdoor units is linear and include all the sections up and down and all the turns necessary to interconnect the two units . For your Heat pump unit application both the liquid and the suction lines should be insulated and the prices reflected here are with insulation for Heat pump units.