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Product Details
Product Details

Sanyo Mini Split Systems

Sanyo 26UHW72R (UHW2672R + C2672R) 24,000 BTU, 2 Ton Ductless Mini-Split Concealed Ceiling Heat Pump System - 13.9 SEER, 7.8 EER

26UHW72R Concealed Ceiling Heat Pump Mini Split System - 24,000 BTU - 2 Ton Include outdoor condensing unit - C2672R andUHW2672R concealed ceiling Heat Pump ductless mini split system and offer the best solution in versatility in solving your heating and cooling needs. By utilizing environmentally friendly R-410a refrigerant and DC Inverter technology, the SANYO Heat Pump or heat pump, automatically adjusts its performance to meet the changing needs of the space while maintaining the desired temperature. This leads to increased efficiencies, low energy consumption and a very comfortable environment.

26UHW72R Concealed Ceiling Heat Pump Mini Split System - This Heat Pump is usually installed above the ceiling so that the indoor unit and ducts are not visible. Only the air intake and air outlet ports are visible from below.>/li>

Other great features of Sanyo 26UHW72R Concealed Duct Ceiling Heat Pump Mini Split System - Inverter Control Compressor: All ECO-i systems utilize highly advanced inverter controlled compressor technology. By varying the rotational speed of the compressor, the inverter control can precisely match the amount of refrigerant being delivered to the needs of each zone. This intelligent approach helps realize excellent efficiencies during partial-load conditions. This allows all occupants to enjoy consistent room temperature, regardless of any increases or decreases in the heat load during the day. ECO-i quite simply knows what you need, and when you need it throughout the day. And even better, it does so with energy efficiency in mind.

When you think about a building as a living space, everyone involved lives better. From design to installation to operation, SANYO Ductless Mini Split Systems lives for the living inside. Our line of conditioning solutions breathes life into structures big and small. With 25 years of experience in the U.S., we are consistently building new ideas to help build your business or home. By delivering multi-zone options, space-saving and environmentally friendly designs, our solutions are human solutions. At SANYO, we don't just condition buildings. We condition people. That's because we've thought beyond just Air Conditioning (AC) to something we like to call Human Conditioning (HC). This is the process that guides our technology and system attributes, and, in turn, provides for maximum conditioning solutions for your environment.

Sanyo 26UHW72R (UHW2672R + C2672R) 24,000 BTU, 2 Ton Ductless Mini-Split Concealed Ceiling Heat Pump - are a perfect choice for a LEEDs-compliant building. The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System is a benchmark developed by the U.S. Green Building Council.

Features and Benefits of The Sanyo 26UHW72R Concealed Ceiling Ductless Heat Pump Mini Split System at a glance:

Sanyo Microprocessor-Controlled Operation.

  • Microprocessor control ensures that the temperature and humidity levels in the room are always comfortable.
  • Sanyo RCS-TM80BG Wired Remote Control.

  • Sanyo RCS-TM80BG Wired Remote Control with and easy to read LCD Display, 7 Day Timer, 6 Times Periods/Day, Full System Diagnostics Capable, Controls up to 8 Indoor Units, Full System Diagnostics Capable, Timer, Night setback and more, for complete automatic operation.
  • Sanyo Dry Mode.

  • By coupling compressor and fan operation, intermittent operation can be precisely controlled according to room temperature, so that air is efficiently dehumidified.
  • Sanyo 3 Fan Speeds and Automatic Fan Operation

  • Convenient microprocessor control automatically adjusts fan speed to High, Medium or Low. According to room temperature to maintain a comfortable airflow throughout the room.
  • Sanyo Air Sweep Control.

  • The air sweep function moves the louver up and down in the air outlet, directing air in a "sweeping" motion around the room and providing comfort in every corner.
  • Sanyo Louver Control.

  • Louver can be manually set to the desired angle by remote control.
  • Sanyo Negative Ions Generator -Wall Mounted Units Only

  • The negative ions generator fills your room with negative ions throughout the year. *Ion generating power - over 100,000 parts/cc.
  • 1-hour OFF Timer.

  • When this button is pushed either while the unit is operating or while it is stopped, the unit will operate for one hour and then switch off automatically.
  • Sanyo Anti-Mold Filter.

  • Filter is treated with anti-mold coatings to prevent mold or bacteria from occurring. Not available for concealed ceiling units.
  • Built-In Drain Pump.

  • Max. head 20 inches from the discharge of the indoor unit. Condensate pump is only for allowing drain line to meet minimum gravity flow requirements.
  • Quiet Mode

  • LOW, low fan speed for extra quiet operation.
  • Filter Sign.

  • Filter sign informs you when filter maintenance is necessary.
  • Sanyo 26UHW72R (UHW2672R + C2672R) 24,000 BTU, 2 Ton Ductless Mini-Split Concealed Ceiling Heat Pump Other Standard Features :

  • High Efficiency systems up to 20 SEER.
  • Inverter Driven variable speed twin rotary compressors.
  • Precise compressor speed to match the building needs.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Designed to run longer periods at reduced speeds to improve dehumidification.
  • Quick and easy installation of indoor and outdoor units.
  • Built In 0F Low Ambient Control.
  • Extra Long Lineset Lengths (Up to 165').
  • Auxiliary Electric Heater (Model 26THHW72R & 36THHW72R only).
  • Fresh Air Intake.
  • Automatic Restart in the Advent of a Power Failure.
  • Factory tested.
  • Wired remote controllers available on all ceiling suspended models.
  • Single Point Power Supply reduces installation costs (Comply with local codes on wire size).
  • 7 Year compressor warranty and 5 year parts warranty.
  • Sanyo 26UHW72R (UHW2672R + C2672R) 24,000 BTU, 2 Ton Ductless Mini-Split Concealed Ceiling Heat Pump Includes:

  • Sanyo C2672R Outdoor Unit.
  • Sanyo UHW2672R - Concealed Ceiling Indoor Unit.
  • Sanyo RCS-TM8086 Wired Remote Controller.
  • Installation manual.
  • Sanyo 26UHW72R Mini Split Ductless Heat Pump and Heat Pump System Warranty

    5 years parts / 7 years compressor

    Sanyo Mini Split Ductless Heat Pump and Heat Pump System - more Benefits:

    Sanyo Ceiling Suspended Systems unit is equipped with a highly efficient, multi-blade centrifugal fan that generates a powerful yet gentle airflow throughout the room. A redesigned aerodynamically tested louver structure minimizes operational sound even at high fan speed.

    Sanyo Automatic Heating and Cooling Changeover- After setting the temperature and functions you desire, just relax. If the room temperature is higher than the set temperature, cooling operation begins. If the room temperature is lower than the set temperature, heating operation begins. During normal thermostat cycle operation, cooling and heating operations automatically change in accordance with set temperature, time and room temperature. (Single Zone Heat Pump unit only).

    Sanyo Night Setback Mode for Cooling and Heating- Cooling and DRY Mode: With the Night Setback Mode, the Heat Pump automatically raises the setting temperature 2 F after 30 minutes, and then another 2 F after the next 30 minutes. Heating Mode: With the Night Setback Mode, the setting temperature is automatically lowered 4 F after 30 minutes, and then another 4 F after the next 30 minutes. This saves energy without sacrificing comfort and is ideal for gentle cooling and heating.

    Sanyo Air Clean Apatite Filter- Apatite or calcium phosphate is highly effective in trapping germs, mites and mite excrement, pollen, dirt and dust, and cigarette odor. The triple layered air clean apatite filter consists of antibacterial, deodorizing, and dust-collecting sections that maintain healthy, clean air in your room.

    Product Specifications

    Weight: 199.00 lb.
    Sanyo 26UHW72R System Specifications:
    System Components:
    Outdoor Unit Model: CH2672R
    Indoor Unit Model: UHW2672R
    Performance & Electrical Ratings:
    Cooling Capacity (BTU): 9,500 - 24,000
    Heating Capacity (BTU): 8,000 - 28,600
    Mosture Removal (Pints/H): 7.7
    Dry Air Flow Hi/Med/Low (CFM): 670/530/460
    SEER: 14.0
    HSPF: 9.0
    EER: 9.1
    Power Supply: 208/230-60-1
    Running Amps (Cooling): 13.6 - 15.0
    Running Amps (Heating): 12.5 / 13.8
    Cooling Power Input (W): 2,600/2,600
    Heating Power Input (W): 2,400 / 2,400
    Fuse or Circuit Breaker Capacity (A): 15-30 Indoor-Outdoor
    Controls: Microprocessor
    Low Ambient Control Built-in 0F
    Wireless Remote Control: RCS-BH80UA-WL - Optional
    Wired Remote Control: Included RCS-TM80BG
    Fan Speeds: Hi/Med/Lo Auto
    Fan Timer: n/a
    Horizontal Air Deflection: N/A
    Vertical Air Deflection: N/A
    Air Filter: Washable
    Refrigerant: R-410A
    Refrigerant control: Electric Expansion Valve
    Indoor Operation Sound Hi/Me/Lo (dB): 34/30/27
    Outdoor Operation Sound (dB): 49
    Refrigerant Piping Type: Flare Type
    Refrigerant Piping Discharge (Inches): 3/8
    Refrigerant Piping Suction (Inches): 5/8
    Max Refrigerant Pipe Length (Ft): 165
    Outdoor Above Elevation Difference (Ft): 100
    Outdoor Below Elevation Different (Ft): 50
    Dimensions and Weight:  
    Indoor Dimensions HxWxD (Inches): 12-7/32 x 39-3/8 x 24-13/16
    Indoor Weight (lbs): 71
    Outdoor Dimensions HxWxD (Inches): 30-23/32 x 37 x 13-3/8
    Outdoor Weight (lbs): 128