Daikin DCS302C71 Wall Mounted Centralized Multi-Zone Controller

Item#: DCS302C71

Brand: Daikin

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Product Details

Product Overview

Daikin DCS302C71, Wall Mounted, Centralized Multi-Zone Controller

Multi-Zone Centralized Wired Controller available for use with VRV, VRV-S and SkyAir Models. Daikin DCS302C71 is a perfect solution that can be used to control a maximum of 64 groups of indoor units (max. 128 units) simultaneously or individually. The most important benefit of Centralized Controller System is that You can connect 4 unified on/off controllers( Daikin DCS301C71,for example) to a single unit and freely extend the central control system according to building size and purpose.

Daikin DCS302C71 Features :

Up to 2 units are connectable within 1 system (up to 4 units in case of the double central control mode).

Error contents are displayed in code; maintenance and inspections can be quickly carried out.

Operating status indication (normal operation, alarm).

Applicable wiring methods include bus and star in addition to series wiring.

A maximum wiring distance between a controller and any unit of 3,280 ft.

A maximum wiring length of 6,560 ft. (including all connections).


It will also be paired with any of the following units for multi-zone use :


Concealed Ceiling Unit (medium static) : FXMQ30MVJU, FXMQ36MVJU, FXMQ48MVJU.

Slim Duct Built-In Concealed Ceiling Unit : FXDQ07MVJU, FXDQ09MVJU, FXDQ18MVJU,FXDQ24MVJU.


4 Way Ceiling Mounted Cassette Unit (36" * 36") : FXFQ12MVJU, FXFQ18MVJU, FXFQ24MVJU,FXFQ30MVJU. FXFQ36MVJU.

Ceiling Suspended Cassette Unit : FXHQ12M7VJU, FXHQ24M7VJU, FXHQ36M7VJU.



FXNQ Concealed Floor Console Unit : FXNQ12MVJU, FXNQ18MVJU, FXNQ24MVJU.


It also can be used to control Daikin outdoor units, including:

Daikin RXYMQ36MVJU. VRV-S Air Cooled Six Zone Outdoor Inverter Heat Pump - 36,000 BTU

Daikin RXYMQ48MVJU. VRV-S Air Cooled Eight Zone Outdoor Inverter Heat Pump - 48,000 BTU


Daikin DCS302C71 Warranty :

One year parts warranty.